Strategies (licensed in the State of Nevada in September 2020) was founded with the purpose to create the best of two worlds investment strategies to service our qualified high net-worth investors.

The first world is performance as utilizes newly introduced leverage ETF’s based on the Nasdaq 100 Index (new technologies and highly innovative large companies). We are able to accelerate the profit of these future companies.

The second focus of is the safety focus by utilizing long-term options (leap options). We create a safety bridge into the future to shield our investors from short-term volatilities of the market.

Our strategy is focused on maximum long term growth while providing maximum safety and capital preservation.

The new trends in capital investment focus on ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds) index investment. These ETF’s are based on index funds, mainly NASDAQ 100 (QQQ). This strategy avoids picking up single company stocks which impose higher risk.

We further apply leverage ETF (TQQQ) to maximize investment return. We discuss the pros and the cons of the usage of the leverage ETF with the prospective clients. We proceed in applying this investment strategy only after approval of the client.

We further apply LEAP OPTION STRATEGIES (Long Term Equity Anticipation) on leverage ETF’s. The usage of options strategies even further increase the Return On Investment. Again, we proceed with our options strategies only with qualified clients and only after approval of the client.

It is understood between the investment advisor representative and the client that the usage of leverage ETF’s and option strategies carries much higher risk as well as much higher potential for profit. These strategies are only used with clients who are willing to take higher risk to achieve maximum profits.