Our Story

Our Story

Dr. Sheta is the founder of Doctor Investing Group. He is a practicing family physician for the past 36 years. As he is approaching retirement he started to research different alternatives for investment retirement plans to achieve maximum growth and cash flow. Unfortunately, the current investment products on retirement investment on the market are very limited in providing his objectives of maximum growth and maximum cash flow.

He was motivated to find a new strategy that can propel him to a secure financial future in retirement. Using his past experience in the stock market trading, combined with new products of Leverage ETF’s and option trading he was able to create a new strategy that was capable of converting $150,000 in January 2014 in $2.5 million after 4 years in January 2018. His strategy was also capable of producing a cash flow of $20,000 per month of current income.

Dr. Sheta is aware that other investors and retiree facing similar challenges with their investment during retirement and overall investment would benefit from sharing these strategies that he was able to innovate and implement in his own account to share with others who are seeking the same objectives.

Dr. Sheta pursues to take the exam Series 65 to become a registered investment advisor and founded Doctor Investing Group to be able to share the same strategies that he used successfully in the past 4 years to benefit other investors to achieve similar results with their investment, i.e. achieving maximum growth with the maximum safety and maximum cash flow.

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