1. Who is Dr. Mostafa Sheta?


Dr. Mostafa Sheta is the founder, owner, and director of He passed The Series 65 Exam (Uniform Investment Advisor Law Exam) in December 2018. Dr. Sheta became a Registered Investment Advisor licensed with the State of Nevada Securities Division in September 2020. He’s also approved with the state of New York as of February 8th 2022. He is a member of FINRA (Financial Industries Regulatory Authority) since January 2018 (CRD #7259914).

2. What is is an Investment Advisory firm licensed with the State of Nevada and the State of New York Securities Divisions since September 2020 and referenced on SEC website at strives to create an innovative investment environment to service our clients in the most safe and profitable way. acts as a Fiduciary Investment Advisor. We put client interest ahead of our own interest. is registered with FINRA since December 2019 (CRD # 307590).

3. Who are our clients and why do they like three times the performance?*

Our clients are mainly 2 types:

1) VIP Client Investors:
These are clients who invest less than $1,100,000 of Asset Under Management.

2) Qualified Investors:
These are clients who invest more than $1,100,000 of AUM.

Our clients can join as an Alternative to the typical diversified portfolio Advisory Firm.

Clients choose with the expectation to receive Higher Return and Higher Profit on their investment, as well as accepting Higher Risk to achieve the Higher Return. acts as a “Hedge Fund”. It aims to achieve a higher return than the S&P 500 Index Vs. typical diversified portfolio Advisory Firms who usually attempt to mimic the performance of the S&P 500 Index.

4. What are our fees?

A brief description of the fee schedule is:
1) VIP Client Accounts with less than $1,100,000 will be charged 2% of AUM Annually. This annual charge will be calculated on a daily average basis of AUM and billed monthly to the client account

2) Qualified Investor Accounts with more than $1,100,000 will be charged 1% of AUM Annually in addition to a 20% Performance Fee that will be charged quarterly only on the profit of this quarter

For more information please consult our website and ADV brochure.

5. Who is our Trading Partner? partners with Interactive Brokers (IBKR) as the Custodian and Broker-Dealer of our client funds. IBKR is a premiere security firm with over $8.2 billion in equity capital. IBKR conducts its Broker-Dealer business in over 135 market destinations worldwide.

6. Which Markets and Products?

1) invests in the US Stock Market; mainly the NASDAQ market; which is the hub of new technology and innovative companies.

2) The Nasdaq 100 Index includes the 100 largest technology companies of the US and possibly the world such as Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Alphabet (Google), and Facebook. Also, most future technology companies, such as Semiconductor companies (INTEL and NVIDIA producing chips for driverless cars and other leaders of 5G technology), Biopharmaceutical companies such as Amgen and Gilead. These companies and others will dominate technology growth in the world in the next 10 years.

3) Nasdaq 100 Index is traded under the symbol QQQ which replicates 1X the performance of the Nasdaq 100 Index companies.

4) A further magnification of the performance of QQQ will be the use of Triple Leverage ETF (Triple Leverage Exchange Traded Funds)**. 3x ETF’s** track the asset class such as the stock futures and apply greater leverage to obtain 3 times the daily or monthly return of their respective underlying index.

5) Furthermore, an even greater enhancement is achieved by using LEAP Options Contracts (or LEAP’s). These are Options contracts that expire at least two (2) years from the date of purchase. The acronym LEAP stands for “Long-term Equity Anticipation.” LEAPs are more affordable than stocks because they are offered at lower options contract prices.

7. What strategy and techniques do we use?

“Buy Low and Sell High”
is our basic strategy to create wealth for our Investor Clients. We use Complex Leverage Products** and (LEAP) options on Complex Leverage Products. Our strategy depends on Market Monitoring for best entry and exit points as well as Market Timing.

When the market offers us a Low price entry point we Buy.
When the market offers us a High price exit point we Sell.

Our client will benefit from the profitable transaction.

We use The Barbell Strategy.

The Barbell Strategy advocates pairing two distinctly different types of assets. One Bucket holds only extremely safe investments (Cash Buckets hold about 50% of the account value).

The Other Bucket holds only Highly-Leveraged and Speculative Investments (Risky Buckets hold about 50% of the account value).

We Balance each bucket Intelligently to achieve maximum performance for our clients.

8. Past 10-year 3X ETF performance Vs S&P 500***

$10,000 Investment Performance Compares TQQQ (3X ETF) Vs S&P 500

9. How to become a client of

You can become our client in two ways:

1) Open a new account

a) CLIENT will send an email to to request to open an investment account with us
b) will create an Invitation Link on Interactive Brokers (IBKR)
c) IBKR will send a new Application to the CLIENT to be completed
d) When the Application is accepted the CLIENT will be able to Fund the account in USD from their existing bank account anywhere in the world

2) Transfer from an existing account

a) CLIENT will send an email to to request to open an account
b) will create an Invitation Link on Interactive Brokers (IBKR) and send it to the client
c) IBKR will send a new Application to the CLIENT to be completed
d) To fund your account, sign in on IBKR and request to Transfer Funds from your old account to the new IBKR account. will provide support to the client step by step along the way.

10. What does the future of look like? seeks to build long-term relationships with our clients. The longer our client relationship the better we can understand their goals and possibly work towards those goals

* This is NOT a promise of gain or profit. It merely reflects the concept of using 3X ETF products seeking 3 times the performance of 1X ETF

** Investment in Leverage ETF’s carries higher risk and is not suitable for all investors. It carries the risk of partial or complete loss of Principal Investment Capital.

*** Past performance does not guarantee future performance

To view our brochure listed on the SEC website please click on the below link:

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